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Who To Vote For?

In the days of Will Rogers government could be considered laughable. Today's government hurts far too many people to any longer be funny. And those who want to still live in civilization but hope to escape the pain, sickness, suffering and death caused by government usually decide to vote in self-defense.

But who to vote for? Who would best defend against all this pain, sickness, suffering and death caused by government? All politicians have their unique aura and offer special promises, but we simply have no way of knowing what any of them will really deliver when the time comes. Even the most liberty-oriented, least socialist politician who promises to get government out of our way may possibly in the future be blackmailed or coerced, might be bought, could start thinking differently. Most people change their minds in various ways as they face new and different experiences.

So who to vote for? If we are honest our answer is: our best guess would only be a guess.

But there is a…

Make Yourself A Winning Player For Liberty

Donald Trump, when asked about his tariff proposals, has famously said, "I'm for free trade, but you have to be smart." Many liberty lovers, when asked about politics, might similarly answer, "Down deep I don't like politics, but I have to be smart."

The libertarian NAP, which is most easily understood when stated "live and let live," assumes we are all in this together, everyone's life affects everyone else's life. A quote attributed to Jesus Christ in modern day revelation states: "As long as a single slave remains to walk the earth, your release is not complete."

So as much as we dislike the game of politics, the heroic nature inside all of us will not allow us to chicken out and forfeit the game.

But as long as we're going to play the game, we would do well to make ourselves the best players ever, right? It's time for liberty lovers to quit sabotaging their cause (really sabotaging everyone's true cause) by refusi…