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Libertarians + Conservatives = Victory Over Obama Fascism!

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."-Declaration of Independence (thirteen united states of America)

From A Course in Miracles, modern revelation from Jesus Christ:

" You two will yet come together in my name and your sanity will be restored. I raised the dead by KNOWING that life is an eternal attribute of everything that the living God Created. Why do you believe that it is harder for me to inspire the dis-spirited or to stabilize the unstable? I do not believe that there is an order of difficulty in miracles: YOU do. I have called and you will answer. I KNOW that miracles are natural, because they are expressions of love. My calling you is as natural as your answer and as inevitable.


Message From Jesus Christ, Libertarian

From A Course in Miracles, modern revelation from Jesus Christ:

"The laws of mind govern THOUGHTS, and you DO respond to two conflicting voices. You have heard many arguments on behalf of 'the freedoms,' which would indeed have BEEN freedom if man had not chosen to FIGHT for them. That is why they perceive 'the freedoms' as many instead of ONE.

"But the argument that underlies the DEFENSE of freedom is perfectly valid. Because it is true, it should not be FOUGHT for, but it SHOULD be sided WITH. Those who are AGAINST freedom believe that its outcome will hurt THEM, which CANNOT be true. But those who are FOR freedom, even if they are misguided in HOW they defend it, are siding with the one thing in this world which IS true."

Is America now a fascist state?

a socialist governmental system led by a dominant party which seeks to control industry and commerce, and uses legislation and governmental decree to force Utopian programs on people.


Obama Health Care: What Would Ben Franklin Do?

Conservatives usually cry out for smaller government. But "smaller government" is a relative concept, isn't it? Smaller than what? Smaller than Abraham Lincoln's miscreation? Smaller than Woodrow Wilson's Frankenstein? Smaller than Franklin Roosevelt's behemoth? Smaller than Barack Obama's monstrosity? Conservatives generally don't have a baseline measure. They leave the door open for hundreds of thousands of government functions which were not included by America's Founding Fathers.

Libertarians also want smaller government ... but smaller than the original United States government created by the Founding Fathers. Libertarians will gladly prove to all who will listen that even Ben Franklin and his friends went too far, relegating too many functions to the Federal Government they set up.

Yet at least libertarians have a starting baseline: No government function is appropriate if it wasn't mentioned in specific detail in the original 1787 …

Health Care Dictatorship: Mormon Policy?

Dictatorship in Harry Reid's Senate Health Bill "But those who don't purchase insurance (even with those incentives) will face fines - $75 the first year, $350 the second, and $750 after that."

And what do you suppose happens if you don't want insurance and don't pay the fines? You will not be hounded for years by IRS tax collectors, right? Surely you are not going to have your property confiscated as if you were American colonial rabble subservient to the wishes of His Majesty, King of England, wouldn't you say? Certainly government agents will not attempt to handcuff you and drag you to jail if you resist having your property taken, and there is no chance you will be shot if you fight being arrested, right?

Harry Reid is an addicted dictator like all the other "liberal progressives" in congress. He wants to think of himself as a Mormon. But no true Mormon would attempt to force his brothers to buy health care insurance. Mormons (except Harry Rei…