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Libertarian Party? Liberty Republican? Or Coyote Campaign?

Our spirit is free. So unless our minds are almost 100% ruled by ego and ego-vested interests there comes a time when we feel the urge to live in a world that reflects the freedom of our spirit. Ultimately that urge grows into a desire to somehow assure political liberty in our world.

At this point, one's intellect re-engages and asks: "But by what means? What will be the fastest, most efficient method?" And the merits of various approaches can be argued forever. That's what intellects do ... mental masturbation is pleasureful to those whose egos still hold sway somewhat. In the Liberty Movement we've seen endless arguments on the pros and cons of aligning oneself with the Libertarian Party, or with Liberty Republicans, or with a coyote campaign.

But the fact that such arguments go on endlessly should give us a clue that the intellect has asked the wrong question and offers wrong answers.

The real question is: "What method is right for me, for me personall…