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Libertarian Death Wish

Once upon a time there were three little sheep. But not really … because it is always misleading to judge by surface appearances, and these were political “sheep” wanting to be leader of the flock.

One of our little “sheep” was really a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His intent was to enslave the flock and make them all beholden to him, begging for their life. His plan was to redistribute the grazing wealth in such a way as to provide all sheep with just enough life to assure an ongoing food supply for himself and his allied wolves who had also infiltrated the flock. Because he wasn’t really a sheep himself, he had found it necessary to hone skills in the art of disguise, trickery, and demagoguery. His supporters wished to call him “Der Fuhrer,” but he preferred to be known as “Eloquent.” He had become a master of appearing honorable while deceiving, therefore he could figure on the support of about 45% of the flock.

The second of our three little sheep was in a way a “black sheep” in…