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The Libertarian Republican Party

(Blue = Democrats    Red = Republicans)
If you want to sabotage the cause of liberty, then stubbornly hold onto the misconception that Republicans are every bit as anti-liberty as Democrats.

Far from true!

Although it may be correct perception that misguided GOP leadership has been inept in recent years when dealing with Democrats and the mainstream media, nonetheless the vast majority of Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives hold strong liberty-oriented beliefs, as the above chart based on their voting record shows. This 2015 Liberty Index was compiled by Clifford Theis, Professor of Finance and Economics at Shendendoah University, an author at the Independent Institute and a long-time liberty activist legend.

Unfortunately, Professor Theis does not abandon the false dichotomy between social liberty and economic liberty (as if social issues don't have an economic impact and economic issues don't have social influence), but he does create for each member of t…