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Why Rand Paul Reaches Voters On The Deepest Level

On the surface Rand Paul's appeal to people seems to be related to his attractive stance on various issues such as eliminating government spying on its own citizens, strong yet non-trespassing defense, or liberty being more important than elitist schemes. But the real appeal of Rand Paul to a vast majority of voters will be much deeper, an attraction which none of the other presidential candidates can match.

A politically neutral person who can see auras or sense auras will verify, "Rand Paul is much more open to his innate spirit than the other candidates." [Atheists please forgive this article's use of the term "spirit." Consider substituting for "spirit" the scientific phrase "universal holographic nature."]

It will also be verified to us that the overtly religious candidates like Mike Huckabee and Ron Santorum are actually more closed to our innate spirit, as if their religious beliefs at least in some ways render them closed-minde…