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Democratic Party: Enablers Of No Progress

The above video hits the nail on the head. A free market devoid of political intervention does not enable continuing self-destructive behavior. In a free market, lessons are quickly learned and corrections made. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, is dedicated to relieving people of responsibility, unburdening them from the difficulties of learning their lessons, enabling them to make mistakes and still profit. Democrats are enablers.

It might be said that libertarians who flirt with the Democratic Party don't really understand the issues. So maybe this principle needs to be stated clearly: All issues championed by the Democratic Party boil down to forcing redistribution of wealth and enabling irrational behavior.

Do not suppose we libertarians have come to bring peace to the earth. We have not come to bring peace, but to allow people the freedom to learn their lessons even if their choice is to learn the hard way ... a way which is rarely peaceful until the lesson is lear…