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A Future Libertarian Republican Party?

Peter Schiff is right. America desperately needs the Republican Party to be infiltrated by libertarians.

For years we've watched the Libertarian Party sabotage all chances for electoral success by bad-mouthing the very Republicans and Democrats whose support they would need to become a majority party. As much as we love the Libertarian Party, its "rebellious teenager" mentality continues to be hell bent on flaunting fringe positions which turn off the majority of voters. Yes, the Libertarian Party has recently taken steps toward growing up and becoming more mainstream acceptable, but these steps have been late-developing painful baby steps ... a long way from winning sprints.

Especially during the Bush years we've watched the Republican Party sabotage itself by becoming "watered-down Democrats." Don't let anyone tell you Republicans need to move to the left. It's a universal principle of politics: if there is not much difference to choose from, voters…

Pray For America's Rulers

President Obama is committed to an agenda consisting of insanely expensive Utopian programs which will ultimately kill the American economy and demoralize the American spirit.

If you understand the power of prayer, we suggest the below prayer be used aloud over and over and over again (until the truth of it is felt):

"Holy Spirit, be with President Obama with your angels, helping him to abandon these crazy expensive programs, and return to fiscal sanity and libertarian principles."

When you feel this prayer has affected President Obama, switch the name to Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid, or Rahm Emanuel, or any of the other ruling "progressives" who know not what they do and are blindly helping to bankrupt America.

Practice these prayers many times a day. Chant these prayers while going for walks or while driving any distance. Keep praying ... and see what happens.

If you are just waking up to your innate libertarian side and want to investigate deeper the underlying nons…

Barack Obama Is No Robin Hood!

Outlawed probably in the 12th or 13th century, Robin Hood stole from political law makers who were living lavishly, financing programs which rewarded their non-producing friends by heavily taxing actual producers of goods and services. It is said Robin Hood gave the stolen money back to its rightful owners … the producers who had been taxed almost to death.

Now in the 21st century, Barack Obama and his cronies are living lavishly while pushing through programs which reward non-producers by heavily taxing anyone who works hard and produces wealth. Will modern Robin Hoods respond?

If Robin Hood were alive today, would he merrily rob from Barack Obama and those who benefit from government grants? Would Robin Hood see it as no sin to rob from the robbers?

There is inspiration for such a response in modern fiction. In Ayn Rand’s prophetic novel Atlas Shrugged, Ragnar Danneskj√∂ld, like Robin Hood, steals from the government and from those who benefit from collusion with the government … and g…