Who Provides Universal Health Care?

Government can only degrade health care. Michael Moore's unethical socialist propaganda to the contrary, anything government inserts its fingers into develops a life-destroying cancer: bureaucracy grows unchecked, costs spiral up beyond any hope of control, and quality literally sinks into hell. Ideology-imprisoned politicians and bureaucrats in cahoots with self-serving physicians and surgeons who are willing to play their game is your perfect recipe for pain, sickness and death, as in the recent instance in the news of the lady left to die on the Emergency Room floor.

"But if people are allowed freedom, many will choose to not purchase health care insurance, and some of them will endure great pain, and some will die. The only thing left to do is force them to have health care coverage."

Bullshit! How about reducing the size and scope of government by 10,000%, so people can keep all the tax money that is being stolen from them? Wouldn't they choose to use some of their no-longer-stolen money to purchase health care insurance and even have plenty left over to donate to efficiently operated private charity health care providers?

Yet in truth, healing and health are provided neither by government force and fraud nor by freely chosen private market arrangements. Health and healing are gifts of God; just as pain, sickness, and death are the ego's "gifts." Real healing and health are the results of listening to the Voice for God, and following the Voice for God.

Here's how the libertarian A Course in Miracles puts it:

"Sickness would prove that lies must be the truth. But healing demonstrates that truth is true. The separation sickness would impose has never really happened. To be healed is merely to accept what always was the simple truth, and always will remain exactly as it has forever been. Yet eyes accustomed to illusions must be shown that what they look upon is false. So healing, never needed by the truth, must demonstrate that sickness is not real.

"Healing is freedom. For it demonstrates that dreams will not prevail against the truth. Healing is shared. And by this attribute it proves that laws unlike the ones which hold that sickness is inevitable are more potent than their sickly opposites. Healing is strength. For by its gentle hand is weakness overcome. And minds which were walled off within a body free to join with other minds, to be forever strong."

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Course in Political Miracles