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A Libertarian Flavored Republican Party?

Paul Grabs Attention of Alienated Voters
Web Helps to Amplify Presidential Campaign Of Iconoclastic Texan

By JACKIE CALMES August 31, 2007; Page A4 Wall Street Journal
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In highlighting both Democrats and Republicans who love Ron Paul, the above article makes clear that Dr. Paul is reaching the minds and hearts of individuals who have very different political histories yet who are equally sick and tired of the way government in the United States has evolved during the progressive-liberal era.

The article also mentions the possibility of a third party movement if Ron Paul does not get the Republican nomination. Let's hope Dr. Paul is smart enough to resist such a temptation.

The overwhelming reason for not surrendering to the third-party temptation is such an effort would immediately put Hillary Clinton in the White House, probably along with Barack Obama. Both are socialists in their dark, angry souls who would quickly increase government interference in our lives, and worse ... quickly set into motion mechanisms for smothering opposition, such as their campaign to create so-called "fairness" in talk-radio.

As long as a third-party libertarian movement still served their purposes, pulling votes from Republicans to keep Democrats in power, Clintonistas would tolerate such a movement, only working to sabotage its success to the degree that serves them. Yet they would not hesitate to annihilate such a movement mercilessly if it ever became a threat to them.

To illustrate the foolishness of directing the awareness and enthusiasm Ron Paul has generated into a third-party movement, for just a moment imagine the unimaginable: Clintonistas fail to get the Democratic Party nomination. Does anyone think Clinton is stupid enough to go off and run on a third-party ticket? Not on your life! Clintonistas would simply, wisely redouble their effort to take control of the Democratic Party.

Ron Paul may not take control of the Republican Party this time around, but he has planted seeds which can only grow to full fruition within the Republican Party.

The Libertarian Party has spent its painfully inept lifetime demonizing Republicans to booster their own egos. This has been a monumental blunder. If libertarians had spent the last 40 years within the Republican Party, focusing their time and energy instead of pursuing unreachable fantasies, they would have had control of the Republican Party by now.

So Ron Paul is giving libertarians a renewed life. Let's not blow it again. If Ron Paul fails to get the nomination this time, let us swallow our egoistic pride and put up with Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani for a few years. During those few years, the U.S. Government will be saved from going hog-wild socialist while libertarians continue to grow healthy and strong within the Republican party. This way some realistic progress will be made.

The libertarian preparation device, A Course in Miracles, reminds us of the futility of meaningless endeavors:

Failure is all about you while you seek for goals that cannot be achieved. You look for permanence in the impermanent; for love where there is none; for safety in the midst of danger; immortality within the darkness of the dream of death. Who could succeed where contradiction is the setting of his searching, and the place to which he comes to find stability?

Goals which are meaningless are not attained. There is no way to reach them, for the means by which you strive for them are meaningless as they are. Who can use such senseless means and hope through them to gain in anything? Where can they lead? And what could they achieve that offers any hope of being real?

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Course in Political Miracles

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Rob said…
Great post. I registered as a Republican so I could support Ron Paul in the primary's. I was previously a member of the Libertarian Party and was planning on returning to it after the primary's, but after reading your post I'll probably remain a Republican. I don't see libertarians ever taking control of the Republican party, but a neocon branch and libertarian branch of the party would be better then the purely neocon republican party and a worthless libertarian party that currently exists.

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