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Leftists Fear Ron Paul ... And Mitt Romney!

Leftists in America are choosing to have fits of anxiety over the candidacies of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Ron Paul has the intellectual ammunition to destroy leftist philosophy, and Mitt Romney has a spiritual presence which people can feel and which can never be matched by the minuscule little humanism of the left-wing viewpoint.

Most libertarians practically worship Ron Paul while pooh poohing Mitt Romney's candidacy. This of course is a tactical mistake. Intellectualism devoid of spirit cannot win the votes of the vast majority of people. Voters still listen to what they know is true inside themselves ... a spiritual connection with the candidate.

The logical solution for libertarians is to continue supporting Ron Paul in the hopes of gaining widespread advertising for libertarian philosophy and establishing a strong libertarian wing which might someday take over the Republican Party, just as leftists have taken over the Democratic Party; and at the same time stay on the friendly side of Mitt Romney, who has what it takes to actually win the Republican nomination and the 2008 election, and who has shown great willingness to be convinced of the merit of new ideas.

In other words, libertarians need not put all their eggs in one basket, and then watch once again from the shoreline as the basket floats away. They can choose to be happy as Ron spreads the philosophy and equally happy as Mitt wins the Presidency and listens to their ideas.

The libertarian preparation device, A Course in Miracles, speaks of the value of reaching others by choosing happiness:

God’s Will for you is perfect happiness. Why should you choose to go against His Will? The part that He has saved for you to take in working out His plan is given you that you might be restored to what He wills. This part is as essential to His plan as to your happiness. Your joy must be complete to let His plan be understood by those to whom He sends you. They will see their function in your shining face, and hear God calling to them in your happy laugh.

You are God’s messenger today. You bring His happiness to all you look upon; His peace to everyone who looks on you, and sees His message in your happy face. For this you came. Let this one be the day that you succeed!

Available free online:
Course in Political Miracles


picaro said…
I don't worship Paul. I'm passionate about his ideas.

Why bother with Romney? He is closer to Hillary than other Republicans.
Romney does *not* have what it takes to win. His positions on guns, taxes, healthcare, and recent flip on abortion leave him out of sync with the base.

on health reform:

"And I hope I get a chance to debate Hillary Clinton on this very
topic, because when I'm asked what the biggest difference is between
my plan and her plan, I'll say that mine got passed."

--Mitt Romney
Hannity & Colmes, 8/14/2007

The South will never show up to vote for a Mormon either.
Anonymous said…
One problem, Mitt isn't libertarian. What makes you think he would listen and follow Ron Paul's ideas? What in Mitt's governance gives you the impression that his stance change on many issues isn't just a calculated ploy to appeal to more voters? No, a libertarians hope won't lie in Romney. Romney won't even disavow his health care fiasco.
Matt said…
It's a very good thing libertarian message is appealing to all - no matter whether from left, or from the right. I have a hope this will bring about the positive change :-)

I also happen to think that spiritual connection is not an issue for Ron Paul - rather the opposite.
I invite you to see for yourself:

It seems that Ron Paul loves the God Almighty more than the state.
What about Mitt Romney?

I might've mentioned this in one of the older threads, but just as a reminder...
I am troubled (to say the least) by several Mitt's political positions:

- supports the federal government's involvement in education
- supported the Brady Bill in 1994 (a gun control regulation)
- as Governor of Massachusetts, signed legislation involving compulsory health-care accompanied with state subsidies
- favors minimum wage increases
- supported the use of enhanced interrogation techniques (a.k.a. torture)
- advocated installing government software to control every computer sold in the US (which demonstrates complete lack of understanding the new technologies)
- wants to increase government spending ( - as the best technology comes from the free market competition, that's another demonstration of the lack of qualifications... )


Sadly, while it's true Romney is not as bad as Clinton, the above positions hardly make him a libertarian or Christian candidate...
"Why bother with Romney?" He is a libertarian at heart, he is capable of getting himself elected, and he would put a stop to the leftist momentum right in the coming election instead of having to wait 8 or 12 years until Ron Paul has finally made libertarian ideas totally popular.

On what should be an irrelevant note, Romney is far more Christian than so-called "Christians" who cannot find it in their hearts to forgive his Mormon faith.

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