Almost everyone wants change from "politics as usual" in Washington (and pretty much everywhere). Many young people at first turned to Barack Obama. But as they find out that Obama belongs to a cult which is attempting to highjack and redefine Christianity in terms of Marxist socialism, they become disillusioned with the "sexy boy." It turns out Barack Obama not only offers more of the same. He offers much, much, much more of the same.

So it becomes necessary for initial Obama admirers to look around once again and find Ron Paul, who offers orders of magnitude less of the same. Unlike Obama, Ron Paul sees clearly that politicians are the problem, government incroaching on every conceivable area of life is the problem. Paul sees clearly that a huge amount of the misery of the last century has been government-induced misery, in the name of "doing good."

Only two candidates for the Presidency have said they would veto at least half the bills government-addicted legislators send to the President: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

Romney is well on the way to discovering his innate libertarianism, but Ron Paul discovered his genetic need for individual freedom many years ago. Whereas Romney is inching closer and closer to understanding that what is good for the individual is good for society because society is not more than individuals, Ron Paul totally grasps that sacrificing any individual for the "good of society" is a contradiction, and in the context of politics an evil concept.

Obama supporters need to find Ron Paul.

But then if Ron Paul bolts the Republican Party, they need to pay attention to Mitt Romney.

The libertarian preparation device, A Course in Miracles, speaks of the self-destructive concept of sacrifice:

What is the real meaning of sacrifice? It is the cost of believing in illusions. It is the price that must be paid for the denial of truth. There is no pleasure of the world that does not demand this, for otherwise the pleasure would be seen as pain, and no one asks for pain if he recognizes it. It is the idea of sacrifice that makes him blind. He does not see what he is asking for. And so he seeks it in a thousand ways and in a thousand places, each time believing it is there, and each time disappointed in the end. "Seek but do not find" remains this world's stern decree, and no one who pursues the world's goals can do otherwise.

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Course in Political Miracles

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