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Ron Paul is Libertarian Savior ... as a Republican!

It can be argued that Ron Paul is not really trying to hijack the Republican Party, but rather the Republican Party has for the most part been so flummoxed by left-wing dishonesty and deceit that Republicans have in cowardice aided the enemy rather than stood to fight for what is right. Liberal Democrats simply refuse to compromise. Republicans have compromised their soul away.

Ron Paul, bless his heart, stands and fights. He's merely showing Republicans the way of true political heroism, the way the Republican Party should have been operating all along to defeat the leftist idiocy of the Democratic Party.

So ... give it your all, Ron Paul. Give it your all. But don't leave the Republican Party. Because the Republican Party is being transformed by your candidacy, as well as by the common sense free-market conservatism of other candidates, especially Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney.

One doesn't transform one major political party, or slam the brakes on the other major political party's momentum, by making a lot of noise in primaries and then ducking out the back door to run elsewhere. To make a real difference one stays and fights. Then eventually your major political party is transformed and begins to turn everything in government toward a totally different direction.

It's called integrity ... and courage ... and willingness to see the battle through with constancy of truth. If Ron Paul loses the Republican nomination and chickens out, then libertarians should stay in the Republican Party and support Mitt Romney. Romney is teetering on the verge of falling into full-fledged libertarianism ... all it would take is his winning the election and some good libertarians working within a Romney administration, something you will not see if libertarians once again like bruised little egos go running from the fight within the Republican Party.

The libertarian preparation device, A Course in Miracles, speaks of the power of staying put with truth as one's ally:

What can correct illusions but the truth? And what are errors but illusions that remain unrecognized for what they are? Where truth has entered errors disappear. They merely vanish, leaving not a trace by which to be remembered. They are gone because without belief they have no life, and so they disappear to nothingness, returning whence they came. From dust to dust they come and go, for only truth remains.

Without illusions there could be no fear, no doubt and no attack. When truth has come all pain is over, for there is no room for transitory thoughts and dead ideas to linger in your mind. Truth occupies your mind completely, liberating you from all beliefs in the ephemeral. They have no place because the truth has come, and they are nowhere. They cannot be found, for truth is everywhere forever now.

When truth has come it does not stay a while to disappear, or change to something else. It does not shift and alter in its form, nor come and go and go and come again. It stays exactly as it always was, to be depended on in every need, and trusted with a perfect trust in all the seeming difficulties and the doubts that the appearances the world presents engender. They will merely flow away, when truth corrects the errors in your mind.

When truth has come it harbors in its wings the gift of perfect constancy, and love which does not falter in the face of pain but looks beyond it, steadily and sure. Here is the gift of healing, for the truth needs no defence, and therefore no attack is possible. Illusions can be brought to truth to be corrected. But the truth stands far beyond illusions, and can not be brought to them to turn them into truth.

Truth does not come and go nor shift nor change, in this appearance now and then in that, evading capture and escaping grasp. It does not hide. It stands in open light, in obvious accessibility. It is impossible that anyone could seek it truly and would not succeed.

Available free of charge online:
Course in Political Miracles


Matt said…
Ron Paul - 1st in AL & NH 8/18 Straw Polls! :-) Ron Paul is the only libertarian candidate who has what it takes to actually win the Republican nomination and the 2008 election!
Anonymous said…
ron paul is a constitutionalist - the spiritual energy of his message is derived from the constitution - for reasoning go to
Cia W said…
I think I ran across your blog from the LewRockwell blog. I notice you post under the name of 'a Christian Prophet' -- yet you quote from 'a course in miracles' (NOT Christian writing but new-age writing), and support Mitt Romney - a member of the LDS / Mormon church.

Something doesn't quite fit with that picture. - cmw
Hi cmw!

Be careful about your sources of information.

Actually, A Course in Miracles is more purely Christian than let's say for example the socialism that is taught in Barak Obama's church or the judgmentalism that is taught in many churches.

If a New Ager happens to read A Course in Miracles (many have), they soon become no longer New Agers, because the Course is pure Christianity, not New Age nonsense.

As for seeing Mitt Romney's value, it's just a matter of doing what Jesus teaches: looking beyond the surface appearances and seeing with spiritual eyes what is really there.

You cannot see anything if you are looking through preconceived judgments. That's what Jesus calls "blindness."

Forget all you've been taught and look at both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney with a totally open mind and total innocence. You will see what you couldn't have imagined.

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