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Is Ron Paul Revolution Enough Love For You?

A love revolution, Goldwater-style
By Cathy Young of Reason Magazine | September 1, 2007 Boston Globe

"Paul's followers are a veritable rainbow coalition drawn from across the political spectrum. The most striking image from his campaign - the slogan "Revolution" with the letters "EVOL" reversed to spell "love" backward - is, to use a 1960s metaphor, more Beatles than Barry Goldwater. (The creator of this slogan, Arizona libertarian Ernie Hancock, explains in an online article that the "love" refers to love of liberty, but concedes that the visual was chosen mainly for its emotional impact.)" Click to read article

Are we to believe from Ernie Hancock's equivocation that libertarians use "love" cynically, in the same way 1960s abortion activists cynically invented "a woman's right to choose" as a marketing slogan? Are we to believe that libertarians can bring themselves to love liberty, but real honest-to-goodness all-encompassing love? "No, no, don't misunderstand us! We would never really be a movement of love!"

The truth is libertarians will always fail until they recognize they are totally a movement of love. Even Ayn Rand knew that intellectualism divorced from our spirit is worse than worthless, it is deadly dangerous (for proof add up all the slaughter caused by Karl Marx). Yet our spirit is love. Love is who we are.

Why have modern libertarians been so afraid to open up their hearts and really feel love? Is it because of a prefabricated false idea that only government-worshippers are lovers ... so libertarians don't dare be lovers? Is it because government schools have taught generations of children if they feel love, they must be government-worshippers?

With typical cynicism, progressive-liberals try to pedal the image of themselves as lovers. But in truth, they are the haters in the political spectrum. They hate mankind's spirit and try to squelch manifestations of spirit in every way through rules, regulations and taxation. They hate religions (except Marxist religion) because religions might just help people feel their spirit. They hate heroism and greatness and unbroken integrity. They try to reduce everyone to equal little politically correct worker bees and drones in a vast hive of mediocrity.

True libertarians are the exact opposite of these hateful government-worshippers. Honest libertarians are totally, overwhelmingly, breathtakingly in love with mankind's spirit ... and mankind's spirit is love.

The device which prepares libertarians for success, A Course in Miracles, reminds us of the joy of choosing not littleness but magnitude:

What you do not realize, each time you choose, is that your choice is your evaluation OF YOURSELF. Choose littleness, and you will NOT have peace, for you will have judged yourself UNWORTHY of it. And whatever you offer as a substitute, is much too poor a gift to satisfy you. It is essential that you accept the fact, and accept it gladly, that there is NO form of littleness that can EVER content you. You are free to try as many as you wish, but all you will be doing is to delay your home-coming. For you will be content ONLY in magnitude, which IS your home.

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