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Ron Paul Can Beat "Queen of Feudalism" Clinton

"Free markets and industrialization have produced a previously unimagined wealth, which is enjoyed not only by captains of industry but by the common man, who is able to afford luxuries--large homes, automobiles, air travel, everything down to his caffe latte at the corner book store--on a scale that could not even have been conceived in earlier centuries. Capitalism has also afforded the individual a degree of personal independence and unlimited opportunity that has fully liberated men from the stultifying tyranny of previous aristocratic and feudal systems."
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The Historic Significance of Atlas Shrugged).

Previous aristocratic and feudal systems?

How many Presidential candidates in your lifetime have not been educated at either Harvard or Yale? But America is not an aristocratic system, right? After the aristocrats taking from you income taxes, sales taxes, luxury taxes, personal property taxes, capital gains taxes, death taxes and a hundred and one other taxes; not to mention talk of military draft and other forms of "servitude," you don't feel like you live in a feudal system, do you?

The truth is capitalism has not yet been tried. With the revolution of 1776, Americans "put their toes in the water," so to speak, "tested the waters" a bit, saw an explosion of inventiveness and productivity which they couldn't handle, and pulled back out of the water. It wasn't too long before the American government became the new feudal and aristocratic system, disguised and sold as "representative government."

But your spirit is free. (see The Spiritual Basis of Liberty) So maybe the time is right for a new revolution, a truly capitalist revolution that finally leaves behind for all time the slavery of taxation and conscription. The Republican Party pretend it doesn't hear Ron Paul.

Will the current "Ron Paul Revolution" become the full-fledged capitalist revolution that finally offers true freedom and true salvation? We can pray. Miracles do happen. Yet "conventional wisdom" tells us Ron Paul's ideas might possibly be denied the Republican nomination ... this time around. If this should happen a second-best candidate, Mitt Romney, who has said he will veto half the bills sent to him and change the direction of government, could be a step in the capitalist direction.

Whether Ron Paul wins this time around or not, he will have to influence his followers to stay in the Republican Party and remold the Republican Party into a non-aristocratic, non-feudal party, wouldn't you say? If Ron Paul were to lose the Republican nomination and go off and fruitlessly spin wheels in a 3rd party, then Hillary Clinton, Queen of Feudalism, would gleefully rub her hands together, easily con Americans with her false argument that security requires giving up liberty (see Liberty vs. Security: False Dichotomy) and set in motion a dark ages system almost impossible to escape.

Then capitalism will really be an unknown ideal.

The device which prepares libertarians for success, A Course in Miracles, has this to say about your part in accepting slavery:

We have observed before how many senseless things have seemed to you to be salvation. Each has imprisoned you with laws as senseless as itself. You are not bound by them. Yet to understand that this is so, you must first realize salvation lies not there. While you would seek for it in things that have no meaning, you bind yourself to laws that make no sense. Thus do you seek to prove salvation is where it is not. Think of the freedom in the recognition that you are not bound by all the strange and twisted laws you have set up to save you.

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Course in Political Miracles

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