"My goal is not to create a new political majority and replace the dictatorship of the old majority by a dictatorship of a new majority. My goal is to raise the world above dictatorship altogether. Political observers have noted that democracy (i.e., dictatorship by a majority of voters) always leads to deterioration of society as voters over time vote for ego-vested interests rather than sound and proven principles. Eventually everyone suffers."
- Course in Political Miracles: Lesson 32

Ron Paul supporters are not necessarily die-hard Ron Paul enthusiasts, are they? What they are really enthusiastic about is the Spirit of 1776. They are thrilled with the prospect of throwing off the chains of government dictatorship ... and they know deep down inside that Ron Paul doesn't go far enough.

Not all supporters of the Ron Paul Revolution have studied thoroughly the original American revolution. Not everyone understands that the conditions today are the same in principle. The American Congress today is a mirror reflection of the English Parliament in the 1770s. The American bureaucratic empire today perfectly reflects the labyrinth bureaucracy of the 1770s British Empire. And just as England had their King George, with General Clinton occupying New York ... well, you get the picture.

Yet the original American revolutionaries, guided by their spirit rather than flawed intellectualism, were able to free themselves from the dictatorship of a government that had lost all credibility and natural validity ... at least for a few years. Enthusiasts of the Ron Paul revolution will go farther. They will learn from the mistakes of the original American revolutionaries and free themselves and everyone for a much, much, much longer period of time.

The original American Revolution was hijacked by Alexander Hamilton, who recruited James Madison as an indispensable helper and built a strong central government with power and authority over the independent states. Hamilton was a worshipper of centralized government authority who idolized the British government's central bank and the British government's slippery expertise at taxation. Madison, before he came to his senses later in life, argued for a powerful central government and became "Father of the Constitution." With the Constitution, the original American revolution was sabotaged and the seeds planted for every kind of federal government growth and evil we see today.

Ron Paul says he wants to take the United States back to the Constitution, which might be a valuable first step. But the enthusiasts of the Ron Paul Revolution, who don't even yet know what they really want, are surely much more interested in getting back to the Spirit of '76 and throwing off dictatorship altogether ... and maybe someday creating an entirely new Constitution which doesn't allow for a huge bureaucratic empire and central control affecting every area of life.

The original American revolutionaries almost created lasting freedom. Perhaps the enthusiasts of the Ron Paul revolution will finally finish the job.

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The device which prepares freedom lovers for success, A Course in Miracles , indicates freedom of the body is meaningless without achieving freedom of the mind:

Do you want freedom of the body, or of the mind? For both you cannot have. Which do you value? Which is your goal? For one you see as means; the other, end. And one must serve the other, and lead to its predominance, increasing its importance by diminishing its own. Means serve the end, and as the end is reached, the value of the means decreases, and is eclipsed entirely when they are recognized as functionless. No one but yearns for freedom, and tries to find it. But he will seek for it where he believes it is, and can be found. He will believe it possible of mind or body, and he will make the other serve his choice, as means to find it.

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  1. Mike December 2, 2007 at 4:37 PM  

    Ron Paul can't be stopped? I hope you are correct, but the system has a way of disposing of mavericks one way or another.

    BTW, some of us in the hinterlands are actually applying libertarian principles to all hierarchical systems, including the church. It's an interesting ride that should have long-term effects.

    But maybe not from the top down, just yet.

    Hope I'm wrong.