"Your past learning must have taught you the wrong things, simply because it has not made you happy. On this basis alone, its value should be questioned. If learning aims at change, and that is always its purpose, are you satisfied with the changes yours has brought you? Dissatisfaction with the learning outcome must be a sign of learning failure, because it means that you did not get what you want."
-A Course in Miracles

The 2008 election cycle is fascinating to watch because everyone agrees it is about change, but with the possible exception of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney nobody seems to understand that change depends on learning something very different from what has been learned in the past.

Hillary Clinton's idea of change is to take over power from George Bush and institute a continuation of the former Clinton administration of the 1990s, only this time with Democrats in control of Congress so programs can be passed which work toward perpetuating Democratic Party rulership of America ... politics as usual, with nothing learned except how to stay in power another day while the world slowly falls apart.

Barack Obama's concept of change is more idealistic. But his ideal is the kind of socialism that works only in the fool's paradise of a dreamer's mind. If you want to find out why Obama's socialism is not only an unworkable fantasy, but actually an evil concept, read the account of the Twentieth Century Motor Works in Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged. Barack Obama has learned nothing from the rotten stench of misery arising from the junk heap of failed socialist and communist experiments.

Ron Paul has learned from history. He can see clearly that it is the spirit of men and women that produces happiness and prosperity, and it was the spirit of men and women that was unleashed by the American Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution, allowing a people to discover their inner greatness and build the greatest country that ever existed. Ron Paul is still angry about what has happened to America and about how the Constitution has been treated, which means he still has much to learn about the self-sabotaging effect of anger and the tremendous winning power of inner peace. But he is on the right track, working for the continued American Revolution.

Mitt Romney experiences inner peace. But his learning is not complete either. He can see that a country has to be built on a spiritual foundation to be successful, but he is learning the hard way the difference between spirituality and religion, and that religions can breed prejudice. Romney hasn't yet learned to address a spirituality that transcends religions, although he senses its presence in free men and women trading freely with each other in a free market. It is not bad news that Romney is so innocent and without guile. It is not even bad news that he has been perceived by little minds as a flip-flopper. The good news is Romney is naturally open-minded, almost compulsively open-minded, and therefore extremely open to learning. (To see a video comparison of Ronald Reagan's speeches and Romney's speech: Ronald Reagan/Mitt Romney speeches )

Learning means the breaking up and falling apart of establishment thought patterns, establishment "wisdom," the establishment in general. Not much learning is happening in the Democratic Party, which has been the establishment for many, many years. But the Republican Party is showing great willingness to learn. McCain might be the last of the establishment, but after the McCain disaster keep an eye on the Republican Party. See related article: Republican Liberty Revolution

The device which prepares freedom lovers for success, A Course in Miracles , indicates freedom of the spirit is worth everything, while defending the body is insanity:

You operate from the belief you must protect yourself from what is happening, because it must contain what threatens you. A sense of threat is an acknowledgment of an inherent weakness; a belief that there is danger which has power to call on you to make appropriate defense.

The world is based on this insane belief. And all its structures, all its thoughts and doubts, its penalties and heavy armaments, its legal definitions and its codes, its ethics and its leaders and its gods, all serve but to preserve its sense of threat. For no one walks the world in armature but must have terror striking at his heart.

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