"We have learned that behavior is not the level for either teaching or learning. This must be so, because you can act in accordance with what you do not believe. But this will weaken you as teachers and learners because, as has been repeatedly emphasized, you teach what you do believe. An inconsistent lesson will be poorly taught and poorly learned."
-A Course in Miracles

The Republican Party under John McCain cannot survive as a republican party. A split mind cannot teach consistency, and a political party which abandons its commitment to constitutional republicanism is equivalent to a parasite eating its host and finding itself with nothing left to sustain its life.

And yet the Republican Party is crucial to saving the U.S. Constitution and republican government. So what is Ron Paul to do if McCain becomes the nominee?

A strategy must be put into place which 1) saves the Republican Party from itself, and 2) creates a consistent and integrated Republican Party for the future.

Ron Paul must not leave the Republican Party. He must "take the Republican Party with him," so to speak. He must walk out of the Convention and announce the formation of the Republican Party in Exile. He can call it True Republican Party, Authentic Republican Party, or whatever, but keep the name Republican Party and make it clear he is "holding the fort" until establishment "republicans" have come to their senses, after which time he will rejoin and help to rebuild.

America does not need a third party. Given the political infrastructure in place, third parties simply do not work. Third parties can attract their share of nut-jobs and egos, but they are incapable of attracting men and women of towering world-class stature.

America desperately needs a Republican Party transformed and made heroic, which will in turn attract real heroes of liberty and common sense. To get a glimpse of the direction the Republican Party must take in the future, see: Republican Liberty Revolution.

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