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Ron Paul Republicans Still Have Clout

"Remember a very early lesson: 'never underestimate the power of denial.' Denial has no power in itself, but you can give it the power of your mind, whose power is without limit of any kind. If you use your mind to deny reality, reality is gone FOR YOU."
~ Jesus Christ

With the Ron Paul excitement fading as reality sets in, libertarians are once again lapsing into their habitual uncertainty as to where to be and what to do next. The so-called "defeatists" are saying: "the GOP is bogged down in a hopeless quagmire and we should pull out our troops." The eternal optimists are heard saying: "The GOP is about to suffer such a terrible landslide defeat that their only remaining choice will be to start becoming libertarian." Finally, the possibly fact-based realists warn, "if you allow Marxist Barack Obama to win, that's the end of any hope in our lifetime."

Ron Paul himself is a realist.

Ron Paul shows more maturity than most libertarians. He doesn't need others to validate his ego. He can feel total integrity and thorough relevance even while surrounded by other GOP Representatives who far too often compromise with those who would destroy liberty. He needs neither their agreement nor their approval.

Nor is Ron Paul inclined to fantasy. On the one hand, he knows that third party efforts are always self-sabotaging, destined for defeat, but worse ... serving the enemies of liberty. On the other hand, he understands there will never be a GOP defeat momentous enough to change some of his Republican friends. Some Republicans are probably hopeless, while others will suffer defeat and still look in all the wrong places for answers. But Ron Paul knows if he himself stands his ground, he is building something to which others will eventually come.

Ron Paul sees reality clearly. He knows Barack Obama is a champion of Marxist "Liberation Theology," the philosophy which preaches victimhood to gain power, then practices dictatorship (see the likes of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela). He knows that the real battle is between Marxists, whether they call themselves "liberal" or "socialist" on one side of the battle field, and on the other side American Revolution traditionalists or Constitutionalists, whether they call themselves "conservative" or "libertarian."

The American Revolution was all about freeing people from slavery. It didn't happen overnight. It didn't even happen in the 1860s or 1960s. But it IS happening and IS continuing: The Continuing American Revolution.

Ron Paul is pragmatic. He knows "divide and conquer" works. He understands that for as long as various factions refuse to fight together in one coordinated army, but divide their efforts and resources ... the enemy will continue to win. Right now the GOP leadership stinks. But new and better leadership can and will arise ... and Ron Paul knows it.

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