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Do Libertarians Really Want Hellish America?

"Otherwise your purpose is divided, and you will attempt to follow two plans for salvation which are diametrically opposed in all ways. The result can only bring confusion, misery and a deep sense of failure and despair."
~ Jesus Christ

The fundamental issue of the 2008 election is: will Ron Paul Republicans, Constitutionalists, and libertarians go off in separate directions, pursuing separate plans, thus allowing communist-educated Barack Obama to eventually become President of the United States? To read about Obama's close association with a communist guru, click here: Obama's Communist Friend and Guru.

Barack Obama stands for everything freedom-lovers fight against. As a hard-core adherent of Marxist "Liberation Theology," he believes that the masses in a free society suffer from lack, oppression, and injustice. Therefore, for him, society must not be allowed freedom. Government must control. Who will run government? Enlightened Marxists like himself. Will this require more government force than ever? If so, so be it! Sometimes utopian dreams have to be forced on people.

It does not matter that more wars, more death and destruction, more pain and suffering has been caused by Marxist dreamers than all the rest of history. To hell with the facts ... the dream lives on.

Meanwhile, freedom lovers spin their wheels making their petty little arguments about who reminds them too much of George Bush, about supporting third parties, and about writing in names on ballots.

Freedom lovers cannot seem to understand the value of joining together and pulling together for a common purpose, even if it means supporting someone like George Bush.

It would be different if the Democrats did not have Barack Obama on their ticket. Even if the Democrats were running Hillary Clinton and someone else, freedom lovers could afford the luxury of their egoistic "stands on principle." But they will be sorry if they do not unite to defeat a ticket containing Barack Obama.

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cxx_guy said…
What I will do, is vote Libertarian, and register, officially, my desire for small government, non-intervention, free markets, hard money, and the peace and prosperity they would generate.

What I will also do is to remind big-government candidates, whether from the war party or the socialist slavery party that their policies will not work, and why their policies will not work.

Then I will sit back and watch. Whether we get the socialist or the imperialist, their policies will fail. As they do so, I will point out their failures, and explain how the laws of economics predict and explain those failures: whether it is failure of empire failure of socialism.

If enough people do this, and the Libertarians make a credible showing in the coming election, there is a chance ... a chance ... that if the United States is still in good enough shape to have an election in 2112, the people will have been bruised enough by the failures of the kleptocracy to either force one of the big-government parties toward freedom, or to elect a Libertarian candidate.

If, on the other hand, there is an economic collapse before the next election, which is a distinct possibility, I will go to New Hampshire, and hope that there are enough like-minded and well-armed Porcupines there to make a stand, and restore freedom to at least part of America.

I will not relish telling the nation "I told you so". But I will not vote for either perpetual war or for socialism.
It seems a false perception to call one major party a "war party" and one a "slavery party." Democrats have historically led the way into war and slavery both. Republicans historically have spinelessly let it happen. Only recently did Republicans lead the way into war.

No Republican wants war. But Republicans recently seem to have quicker trigger fingers when it comes to responding to perceived threats or potential threats.

Ron Paul believes all is not lost within the Republican Party. Democrats want to lead America into hell, but the Republican Party COULD be used to stop them if the right people work within the Republican Party.

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