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New Libertarian Party Website Not Bad

New Libertarian Party Website

LP site a little more attractive, a little more red, white and blue!

The Libertarian Party has long sabotaged itself in many ways, one way being the ugliest colored and designed website of any serious political party. The website's new facelift at least recognizes that red, white and blue is helpful for an American political party and "pleasant to look at" is a minimum requirement for success. Good job with the redesign, as far as it goes!

Where it doesn't go is still a problem.

Liberty has long been dark blue on the LP logo, and the new page coloring draws out this natural color and makes Liberty actually appear dark blue. One of the ways the Libertarian Party sabotaged itself in the past was to allow the public to form an image of libertarians as "anarchists" (and therefore not worthy of political support). The old website coloring was so dark it almost left one with a mental picture memory of Liberty looking black, reinforcing the sabotaging "anarchist" image. The lighter page is a fix in the right direction.

A better fix would have been to redesign the LP logo altogether to give liberty not only a face; but a glowing, shining face. Maybe someday libertarians themselves will become spiritually bright enough to depict Liberty as spiritually bright, the way she truly is in reality.

The other way the Libertarian Party has always seriously sabotaged itself is with website content headlining and highlighting: 1) positions most unpopular with the public, 2) clues of organizational weakness, and 3) negativity toward the major parties; thus allowing the public to form a picture of libertarians as 1) immature, 2) ineffective, and mean-spirited. In content there has not yet been a discernable change with the new website.

For example, a political party which wants to impress the public does not put front and center on their website a graph showing they are only on the ballot in 30 states and have only $42,000 raised toward achieving 50 state ballot access. This is valuable information for party activists, but horrible public relations for a public portal website. You want to appear strong, not weak. Take this graph down immediately and don't put it back up until you've already got ballot access in 49 states!

The new website design also continues to advertise "The Party of Principle," which serves to sabotage because it insults everyone who comes new to the website from a previous association with another party. "Hey, I'm new here. Are you saying I've always previously been unprincipled?" As has been written elsewhere, every party has its principles, even if they are principles libertarians do not agree with. A fix which would yield great results is to advertise "The Party of Liberty."

Also new design and all, the website continues to post negative articles (which subconsciously turn people off) rather than focusing on a positive and popular libertarian agenda (which would attract people).

To be really successful, and really draw in visitors, the Libertarian Party website needs to be bright, glowing, positive, optimistic, confident and strong. Whoever is in charge of website content needs to ask the following question of all content: Would a soccer mom who knows little about politics and is primarily concerned about her children find this to be inspirational and uplifting?

Elections cannot be won by showing weakness and radiating negativity. Elections are won by offering light and brightness, by lifting people higher.

Speaking of "lifting higher", for the last election year we studied (1998) some of the highest percentage of votes for Libertarian Party candidates were for candidates who had been studying free of charge the lessons of: Course in Political Miracles

If you are a freedom lover interested in winning politics be sure to see: Course in Political Miracles

For a great discussion on Christianity vs. State Socialism see: Christianity vs. State Socialism

“I did not understand what made me free, nor what my freedom is, nor where to look to find it. Father, I have searched in vain until I heard Your Voice directing me. Now I would guide myself no more. For I have neither made nor understood the way to find my freedom. But I trust in You. You Who endowed me with my freedom as Your holy Son will not be lost to me. Your Voice directs me." (Prayer from A Course in Miracles)

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