Are we experiencing the predicted Obama-socialism bear market, or is it yet to come?"

Libertarians understand that although a totally free market occasionally permits temporary excesses, it also brings quick corrections which are far more efficient than any government attempts at correction could produce. Republicans seem to not quite grasp this truth. Democrats have a vested interest in ignoring this truth altogether.

Democrats, in fact, are philosophically antagonistic to free markets and seek government tinkering and control wherever possible. Government manipulation by Democrats is what led to the mortgage crisis, the world-wide financial meltdown, and the recent stock market crash.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have always been in the service of left-wing politics!

As evidenced by Barack Obama’s rise in the polls immediately following the financial collapse of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, few Americans understand that for many years Fannie and Freddie have been, first and foremost, tools of Democratic politicians, funders of the Democratic Party, and, in the words of a former Fannie CEO, the intimate “friends” and “family” of the Democratic Party’s left wing.

Nor are most Americans aware that Fannie and Freddie, through their eponymous grant-making foundations, have funneled literally hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years to a host of leftist groups and causes that work to promote Democratic agendas, causes, and policies. To set the record straight, it is worthwhile to examine the connections between Fannie, Freddie, and the Democratic Party.
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A few have argued that the recent stock market crash was caused not so much by the financial crisis as by election polls showing Obama with a comfortable lead. The reasoning is that people in the know understand that an Obama victory would usher in a far more efficient fascist administration (and economic disaster) than Bush's inept crowd.

Most libertarians agree that Obama's fascism will be far worse than Bush's, but this may only be recognized slowly. There might be a slight stock market euphoria (call it post-election relief) if Obama wins, but the real Obama bear market will deteriorate slowly as Obama's policies are implemented and their effects felt.

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“I did not understand what made me free, nor what my freedom is, nor where to look to find it. Father, I have searched in vain until I heard Your Voice directing me. Now I would guide myself no more. For I have neither made nor understood the way to find my freedom. But I trust in You. You Who endowed me with my freedom as Your holy Son will not be lost to me. Your Voice directs me." (Prayer from A Course in Miracles)