Peter Schiff is right. America desperately needs the Republican Party to be infiltrated by libertarians.

For years we've watched the Libertarian Party sabotage all chances for electoral success by bad-mouthing the very Republicans and Democrats whose support they would need to become a majority party. As much as we love the Libertarian Party, its "rebellious teenager" mentality continues to be hell bent on flaunting fringe positions which turn off the majority of voters. Yes, the Libertarian Party has recently taken steps toward growing up and becoming more mainstream acceptable, but these steps have been late-developing painful baby steps ... a long way from winning sprints.

Especially during the Bush years we've watched the Republican Party sabotage itself by becoming "watered-down Democrats." Don't let anyone tell you Republicans need to move to the left. It's a universal principle of politics: if there is not much difference to choose from, voters will always choose the most consistent, which means choosing the real Democrat over the pretend Democrat. Obama over McCain is proof enough.

Those libertarians who haven't grown up, who allow themselves to be ruled by ego-vested interests will "hold the fort" in the Libertarian Party, but libertarians wanting to see tangible success and willing to let their spirit overrule their ego will subordinate their ego-vested interests to work within the Republican Party.

Freedom will rise again! Long live freedom!

If you are just waking up to your innate libertarian side and want to investigate deeper the underlying nonsense of Obama's religion of government worship, give yourself the pleasure of reading Ayn Rand's epic and masterful novel, Atlas Shrugged

"God's laws will keep your minds at peace, because peace IS His Will, and His laws are established to uphold it. His are the laws of freedom, but yours are the laws of bondage. Since freedom and bondage are irreconcilable, their laws CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD TOGETHER. The laws of God work only for your good, and there ARE no other laws beside His. Everything else is merely lawLESS, and therefore chaotic." -Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles

For the last election year studied (1998) some of the highest percentage of votes for Libertarian Party candidates were for candidates who had been studying free of charge the lessons of: Course in Political Miracles

For a great discussion on Christianity vs. State Socialism see: Christianity vs. State Socialism

“I did not understand what made me free, nor what my freedom is, nor where to look to find it. Father, I have searched in vain until I heard Your Voice directing me. Now I would guide myself no more. For I have neither made nor understood the way to find my freedom. But I trust in You. You Who endowed me with my freedom as Your holy Son will not be lost to me. Your Voice directs me." (Prayer from A Course in Miracles)

  1. theCL July 1, 2009 at 6:14 PM  

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Republican Infighting post. Great timing too! I just (within the past day or two) bookmarked this post of yours, because I wanted to highlight it in an upcoming post about libertarians and conservatives.

    Keep up the good fight!