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Ron Paul: Favorite of Ayn Rand or Jesus Christ?

In a world of upside-down liberal-progressive ideas of "rights" which claim the laziest non-earner has a so-called "right" to the wealth of a hard-working earner (government redistribution of wealth), Ron Paul is a like a glowing angel standing for the original, logical, moral concept of rights.

But who would be smiling ... Ayn Rand or Jesus Christ?

In Ayn Rand's view, a woman living in a society cannot produce her greatest happiness (and by extension positive values for all) unless all others in the society allow her the freedom to act toward her own goals as she judges appropriate:

The concept of a 'right' pertains only to action— specifically, to freedom of action. It means freedom from physical compulsion, coercion or interference by other men. Thus, for every individual, a right is the moral sanction of a positive— of his freedom to act on his own judgment, for his own goals, by his own voluntary, uncoerced choice. As to his neighbors, his rights impose no obligations on them except of a negative kind: to abstain from violating his rights. -Ayn Rand

Meanwhile, in his revelation for the 21st Century, A Course in Miracles, Jesus Christ does not contradict Ayn Rand but does demonstrate a much broader world view. Whereas Rand focuses mostly on the need for freedom to produce, as if productive activity is a precondition of happiness, Jesus recognizes that happiness is already our natural state if we do not personally sabotage the experience by faulty thinking.

We will not become hopelessly involved in defining happiness and determining the means for achieving it.  Our longer practice period today has as its purpose your acceptance of the fact that not only is there a very real connection between the function God gave you and your happiness, but that they are actually identical. God gives you only happiness. Therefore the function He gave you must be [enjoying the experience of] happiness. (ACIM Workbook Lesson 66)

So Jesus would say yes it's true that living in a society a man cannot create the greatest prosperity for all unless the others in the society allow him the freedom to follow his inner spiritual guidance, his inspiration. But even more importantly, he cannot learn to quit sabotaging his happiness unless others in the society allow him the freedom to make mistakes and learn from his mistakes.

For Jesus, rights are a spiritual prerogative which make it possible for miracles to occur.

Remind yourself also that miracles are never taken from one and given to another, and that in asking for your rights you are upholding the rights of everyone. (ACIM Workbook Lesson 77)

Sad to say, Democrats have tried to propagandize us with the idea that special privileges are rights, that it's right to forcibly take from some and give to others who seem to have a need. Some Republicans have been hoodwinked by such propaganda. Other Republicans seem to understand the concept of rights, but seem unaware of the crucial importance of upholding rights consistently.

Enter Ron Paul. In the recent South Carolina GOP debate Ron Paul was asked why he favored the government allowing people to use drugs which are currently illegal and which most people consider harmful. His answer championed consistency: if such usage proves to be harmful to others, it should be prosecuted; but if it harms no one other than the user then it's important to uphold personal freedom of choice.

Hearing that answer, Jesus smiles.  Why?  Because the freedom to make mistakes and learn from mistakes is crucial to learning how to quit sabotaging one's happiness.  [In Christian language, crucial to God's plan for salvation.]

It seems Ron Paul would be a favorite of both Ayn Rand and Jesus Christ.  It seems both Ayn Rand and Jesus Christ would say, "Thank you, Ron Paul!"

To understand the evil psychology of modern "liberal progressives," read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"

"God's laws will keep your minds at peace, because peace IS His Will, and His laws are established to uphold it. His are the laws of freedom, but yours are the laws of bondage. Since freedom and bondage are irreconcilable, their laws CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD TOGETHER. The laws of God work only for your good, and there ARE no other laws beside His. Everything else is merely lawLESS, and therefore chaotic." -Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles


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